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Where to buy coalbuy coal larg

A local coal dealer or supplier is normally the best source for purchasing coal since they should be near buy and stock different sizes of coal based on what the customers use. There are other sources that will handle small quantities of coal and ship a bag common carrier or UPS to an end user. This would typically be the source for buying coal for heating use.

The Source for anthracite coal for home heating

Anthracite coal is the best cleanest burning grade of coal that is used for home heating. Pennsylvania happens to be where this coal was formed due to the right geological conditions over time. The heat content and purity of how it burns or in technical terms the BTU content of this coal is very high. So this type of coal will burn with no odor or smoke just like propane does. Coal for power plants to generate electricity is a lower grade coal and creates more emissions. But power plants use the lower grades of coal because it is less expensive and they use so many thousands of tons of coal.

Anthracite Coal Mines

The coal mines in Pennsylvania where anthracite coal is mined are not set up to handle small quantities of coal to retail coal customers. They are dealing his mining, handling, and sizing, cleaning and bagging 100’s of tons per hour. They ship train loads of coal all over the world. So it does not make any sense for the mine to deal in small quantities. Since coal is a bulk commodity the efficient shipping of coal in trucks load quantities to Massachusetts is important. Truck load quantities of coal in bulk or in bags have to be used to keep the price per ton competitive with other fuels that can be used for home heating. Not enough coal is used in New England to bring it in by Rail.

What the coal Dealer Does

home delivery of coal buy the bucket smallIn the old days this was a labor intensive task. Click on the picture for a bigger view

They do trucking and handling of coal over some amout of distance to service people locally. Local inventory of coal shows the dealers commitment to the business. We have it. Being a bulky and heavy material efficiency in handling and keeping the density of deliveries is one of the keys to being able to offer a fair price per ton of coal. Hand shoveling coal and carrying it to a customer by the bucket just cannot be done any more like they used to in the old ice and coal dealer days.

Coal Dealers

As a coal dealer in Eastern Massachusetts we provide the service of trucking in the coal from select sources in Bag and in Bulk so it can then be sold to the home owner in quantities they would want for the heating season or part of it. The inventory, stock piling of truck load quantities are done at our yard as well as getting the right sizes of coal for what it is that the retail customers want. Being in a densely populated area that has historically used coal for home heating is important to use since there has to be a large enough customer base to support coal distribution effort.

Location of a Coal Dealer

Naturally being relatively close by is important in selecting a coal dealer since there is the time and fuel involved in both the delivery and the return trip back to the yard. Due to this we work to group together our deliveries so we can keep the cost to the customer as low as possible and still stay in business. A delivery to Cape Code and then the next one up in New Hampshire just does not make sense especially with the large trucks we use and the time involved.

So where to buy coal often comes down to who is close buy, stocks the type of coal you want and has the modern day equipment to automate the delivery of anthracite coal for your home heating needs.

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