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To Buy Coal

You have found this page by looking for information about buying coal and we have set up this site to be of help in that process and answere your questions. We are a home heating coal supplier in the Eastern half of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and some of Rhode Island. We sell coal and coal burning stoves. If you are in this area and buying coal we hope we can be of service to you. The purpose of this sites it to both sell coal and inform people about buying and burning coal. We look forward to any comments you may have to improve this site also.

We Sell Coal - Save on Oil Costs

2004-2012 heating oil prices maine small2004-2012 heating oil prices in Maine are an example of why people are turning to heating with coal click on the picture to see more detail

A number of years ago the owner of the company had been watching the price of home heating oil has steadily going up year after year. Knowing people in the oil business it has been clear that there is a demand for reducing the cost of home heating and was looking for alternatives. He knew that historically there had been a lot of home heating with coal in New England but it had been in a decline for years. As new generations came along in the coal business the next ones for various reasons did not want to pursue being a coal dealer. It was clear that there was an opportunity to offer people an alternative energy source since he did not want to go into the oil business. The chart to the left is from the State of Maine Goverment Historic Heating Oil Prices.

We Stock Coal

Owning a number of trucks being able to transport heavy bulky materials is what he has always done. So with adapting some of the trucks for coal it was not hard to transport home heating coal (Anthracite) from Pennsylvania to the Boston area. With ample room to store bulk materials it only made sense to periodically haul trailer loads up hear in good weather during the year and deliver it locally during the heating season. So now we stock many tons of coal locally so we can fit what size and quantity of coal a customer wants when they want it. We have regularly scheduled runs we make in this area.

We Deliver Coal

coal forklift smallRough Terrain Fork Lift For Coal DeliveryBeing a bulky product we have customized our trucks to make it as fast and easy as possible to deliver coal since as in everything else time is money. We know our customers want to save as much as possible on their heating bills.

We have two types of trucks for coal delivery. One for pallets of bags is set up like a Home Depot or Lowes truck with a rough terrain forklift on the back that picks the pallet off the truck and can carry the pallet up a drive way and across many lawns to the place you want the bags stored. The other truck has been customized with a high dump coal body. The chassis is very compact to get in tight places and the body lifts up in the air a chute is attached and the bulk coal can be poured into a coal bin in minutes with no shoveling.

Are you buying coal?

If you are we look forward to being of service in supplying high quality heating coal in this area. We want everyone to be treated well and with respectful friendliness. We fully understand that as a potential customer you want a dealer that does what they say and provides a quality product at a fair price. Enjoy the site and call us with any questions you may have.